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Allegations involving Edmonton Oilers owner and ballerina withdrawn: source

Claims made in a U.S. court document regarding an alleged sexual encounter involving Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz and a ballerina have been dropped, Global News has learned.

A source within the Oilers Entertainment Group, who Global News has agreed not to name, said Monday that a lawyer for the couple that had alleged Katz paid for sex with a 17-year-old ballerina had withdrawn the claim after being presented with evidence from Katz’s legal team.

In a statement issued to Global News last month when the claims came to light, Katz’s lawyer said his client denies the allegations “without reservation.”

The third-party counterclaim was filed by Mitchell Taylor Button and Dusty Button on July 8, 2022, naming the seven women suing them as well as five other people, including Katz. The counterclaim was in response to sexual misconduct allegations made against the Buttons. Among those making the allegations are a ballerina named Sage Humphries, whom the Buttons alleged had the sexual encounter with Katz.

In a statement issued to NBC News last month, Humphries’ lawyer, Sigrid McCawley, said her client “had a business relationship with Mr. Katz and there was never any sexual relationship between them.”

Dusty Button, a ballerina, and her husband taught ballet to students. In their third-party counterclaim, they allege the lawsuit against them is an extortion attempt. They describe the accusations against them as “fabrications.”

Global News has reached out to OEG for an official statement on the latest developments in the case, as well as to the Buttons’ lawyer and Humphries’ lawyer. In an email to Global News, the Buttons’ lawyer declined to comment and told Global News to refer to official court documents which Global News has yet to be able to access.

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