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Big, sweet, loveable dogs need homes after stay at BC SPCA extends to 100 days

Two dogs in the Comox Valley are looking for their forever homes as they have been in care for about 100 days.

Oso and Jaxson are in the care of the Comox Valley BC SPCA but are ready to find their new families.

“We definitely don’t want them to stay in shelter for that length of time,” Stephanie Arkwright, centre manager for the Comox Valley and District Branch of the BC SPCA, said Tuesday.

“Length of stay is something that we keep a close eye on and that we obviously want to minimize as much as possible.”

Oso is a Kangal Dog / German Shepherd and weighs about 100 pounds. He has been in care for 106 days.

Jaxson, a German Shepherd / Labrador Retriever is only about a year-and-a-half old but he has been in care for more than 80 days already.

Arkwright said since the COVID-19 pandemic, they have seen an increase in the length of stay for some animals in the shelter.

She added that both Oso and Jackson are extra large breed dogs and they require some extra care and space in comparison to smaller dogs.

“It really depends on the kind of relationship that you have with your dog and the kinds of activities you like to do,” Arkwright added. “An extra large breed dog definitely fills your home.”

She said they recently had a third dog who had been at the shelter for a while and needed a home but he was luckily adopted last week.

Sydney Williams, an animal care attendant at the centre described said Oso is a “big, sweet guy” and just wants to soak up all the attention.

“He spent the first few years of his life out on a chain and only brought in at night so he didn’t get a chance for socialization with other canines or people,” Williams said.

“But he does love his people.”

His ideal home would feature a secure backyard where he can stretch his legs, play, and move around as he is so used to having space and outdoor time.

He should be the only dog in the household and would not be suitable for young children because he is so large and bouncy that he may knock them over, according to his write-up.

“Oso’s been with us about 106 days now,” Williams added. “He’s only had about two applications so far and they’ve been really lovely applications but just not the right fit for him.”

Jaxson hasn’t been in care as long as Oso but he had a rough start to his young life.

“He unfortunately got out of his backyard in his past home and was struck by a car,” Williams said. “He pretty much shattered his elbow so he went through a really serious surgery and an intense recovery process.”

She added that he is on the road to recovery but he would benefit from being in a home where he can enjoy lower-impact exercise.

“He’s a very sweet boy, he’s very loving, he loves his people, he’s a little forward with other dogs and is still working on having those proper introductions,” Williams said.

She added that he loves his yard time and stuffed animals and he’s very food-motivated and loves enrichment puzzles.

A few people have met Jackson so far but he is bigger than some people expect, Williams said, so they are still waiting to find his perfect fit.

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