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Halifax Water completes pump repairs, harbour expected to return to ‘natural condition’

Halifax Water says it has safely completed emergency repairs to its Duffus Street wastewater pump station after the pump was clogged by rags and wipes.

The clog prompted the water utility to issue a reminder Wednesday that “so-called ‘flushable wipes’ are not flushable and belong in your garbage.”

A photo from the utility showed a mass of rags and wipes clogging the Duffus Street pump station, shortly after crews had attempted to do emergency repairs by putting in a new pump.

In a release late Thursday morning, Halifax Water said the system has now returned to normal operations.

“The pump went into operation Wednesday evening and was monitored overnight,” it said. “Wastewater and stormwater are now being pumped from this station to the Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility on Upper Water Street.”

Halifax Water said customers who are serviced by the Duffus Street station can “now resume regular discharges into their drains.” Previously, they were asked to flush less often, and not pour as much water down their drain, until repairs were complete.

The problems began on July 19, when Halifax Water said a pump failure had led to screened — but untreated — wastewater to be released into Halifax harbour.

That prompted the utility to warn people not to swim in the harbour.

By July 23, Halifax Water said the pump had been replaced and things were back to normal, only to re-issue the unscreened wastewater warning on Aug. 1.

After the emergency repairs were completed, Halifax Water said Thursday that it expects the harbour to “return to its natural condition over the next two days.”

“As this occurs, we caution residents and visitors about swimming or participating in recreational activities that require water contact,” it said.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this emergency repair work may have caused, and we want to thank our customers and residents for their patience and cooperation.”

— with files from Rebecca Lau

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