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Regina artist on the hunt for missing eight gallons of glue

Regina is gearing up for the Queen City Ex on Wednesday, but for one local artist’s family, it has become a very stressful week.

Eight gallons of glue: that was how much 12-year-old Alexa Schuster ordered to prepare her business to be ready for the Ex.

But her shipment went missing in Regina Saturday. Her grandma Patty Schuster said Amazon notified her the package had been delivered, though it was no where to be found.

“I thought about the person who must have gotten it and they are probably like, ‘Why would someone need eight gallons of glue,’” said Patty Schuster, Alexa’s grandmother.

This left the family in a sticky situation, as prices for the glue in Regina can be hundreds of dollars.

“My granddaughter was pretty devastated because she used all of her funds to (buy) all of it because it’s her business,” Schuster said.

The glue is used for her business Glitter Face Co. where she makes all sorts of different products including her best seller: The slime.

At this week’s exhibition, Alexa was offered a free booth to be part of the events and sell her slime.

“A booth often for that size can cost $1,000 or more so for a young Indigenous girl like her, having an opportunity to get her brand out there is really exciting,” Patty said.

Alexa has tapped into her Indigenous roots when making the slime, and has offered specialty items such as Every Child Matters orange slime and red ones for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

After connecting with the seller of the glue, they said Alexa would be reimbursed for the glue or have it reshipped, though it could take more than three weeks.

It’s a less than ideal situation when the Queen City Ex begins on Wednesday.

If anyone receives the shipment of eight gallons of glue or has any information on the situation, they are asked to contact Glitter Face Co. on Facebook.

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