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Suspected drowning in Thompson River near McArthur Island Park: RCMP

Police investigators suspect a man has drowned in the Thompson River in Kamloops, Saturday evening.

“Witnesses indicate the male entered the river and was swept away by the current and did not resurface,” said Staff Sgt. Kelly Butler, Kamloops RCMP watch commander.

“Several boats in the area responded but were also unable to locate the male.”

An extensive search was conducted by both the RCMP and Kamloops Fire and Rescue, according to police.

A Kamloops man witnessed part of the event unfold.

“I was sitting behind the soccer field and all of a sudden I heard two children running up from the riverbank screaming ‘Help, help! Somebody is drowning.’” Nick Smith said.

“I immediately sprinted past them to the river and saw two men already swimming searching for the lost man. I can’t swim very well so I ran back to my picnic area to call 911.”

Smith says more safety precautions should be in place in that area.

“I think the city needs to put up warnings and fencing. The river is too dangerous to enter without a lifejacket.”

Kamloops RCMP has also issued a warning regarding the swift waters on the Thompson River.

“Kamloops RCMP would like to remind the public that the currents in the river are unpredictable and the riverbed contains many sudden drop-offs. Caution should be exercised and PFD’s worn when around moving water,” said Butler.

BC RCMP’s underwater recovery team is attending to assist in the search for the missing man.

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