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Kalin’s Call: Heat warnings expanded in the Maritimes

With hot and humid weather expected in the days to come, Environment Canada has extended heat warnings across Nova Scotia and into southern New Brunswick Wednesday afternoon.

Heat Warnings issued by Environment Canada were extended across all of Nova Scotia and into southern New Brunswick Wednesday afternoon.

This latest round of summer heat and mugginess is expected to largely continue into and through the weekend before breaking early next week. The heat warning criteria differs slightly from province-to-province, but includes the condition of two or more consecutive days featuring a combination of a hot day followed by a night warm enough to offer little relief, or two or more consecutive days featuring a humidex value – feels like temperature – of 36 degrees, or higher.

The criteria for a heat warning differs slightly between each province.

While humidity was a bit lower in New Brunswick compared to Nova Scotia and P.E.I. on Wednesday, muggier conditions are expected to return in a southwest wind Thursday. Dew point temperatures – a measure of moisture in the air – are likely to run up into the high teens and low 20s for a large portion of the Maritimes into the weekend. That humidity level is where many people start to find uncomfortable.

Stay hydrated and take breaks to cool off as needed. Watch for signs of heat stroke/exhaustion and check in on those who may be more vulnerable in the heat due to lack of air conditioning or easy access to cooling. It should go without saying that no individual or pet should be left in a hot vehicle for any length of time. More moderate temperatures in the areas under heat warnings can be found on the Bay of Fundy coastline in New Brunswick and Atlantic coastline of Nova Scotia due to a prevailing onshore wind for those areas Thursday and Friday.

Most high temperatures will be in the high 20s and low 30s on Thursday. The humidex, combination of temperature and humidity, making it feel into the mid 30s for many.

Heat and humidity can often be fuel for thunderstorms provided a weather system comes along to kick start them. The risk of thunderstorms for the Maritimes on Thursday will be in northern New Brunswick as a weather front moves into the St. Lawrence River Valley. That front moves northwest to southeast across New Brunswick on Friday bringing a more widespread chance of showers and risk of thunderstorms to the Maritimes to close the week.

Scattered showers are expected in northern New Brunswick on Thursday accompanied by a risk of thunderstorms.

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