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Restoration efforts for Grand Manan lighthouse continue

Kenneth Ingersoll has been working to revive the Swallowtail lighthouse on Grand Manan for about 16 years. 

And work to restore the lighthouse and surrounding buildings to their former glory is still ongoing. 

“The lighthouse has always been very near and dear to me,” Ingersoll told CBC Radio’s Shift

He said in 2007, the community came together to clean and repair the lighthouse that had worn down over the years. 

Volunteer works to revive Swallowtail lighthouse

Volunteer keeper Kenneth Ingersoll has been trying to bring the Swallowtail lighthouse on Grand Manan back to life for 16 years.

The group of volunteers runs the non-profit Swallowtail Keepers Society Inc., which has managed to earn money through the lighthouse gift shop and museum. 

Ingersoll said back then the lighthouse was an “absolute mess,” but he was optimistic it could be restored.

He said the lighthouse and buildings surrounding it were covered in mould, had split pipes and needed windows — among other issues. 

A group of volunteers have worked to restore the Swallowtail lighthouse on Grand Manan for about 16 years. (Roger Cosman /CBC News )

Ingersoll said there were many times the project seemed like too much to bear, but he and a group of volunteers refused to give up. 

The group’s next restoration project is to replace the shingles on the keeper’s house.

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