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Health Network Releases Update On Recent ED Death

Vitalité Health Network has provided an update on the recent death of a patient in the emergency department at Edmundston Regional Hospital.

In a statement, the Network reiterated it still cannot release specific information on the tragic event on July 24th.

The Network would like to point out key elements:

  • Traffic and waiting times at the Emergency Department were not above standard and there were enough resources and skills available to safely manage the patient;
  • All triage processes have been observed and completed properly by the staff on site;
  • The management of the incident by the Edmundston Regional Hospital staff was exemplary and reflects the high level of skill and professionalism of the staff.

An investigation and analysis continue, and the Network adds recommendations will be put into place in accordance with the Health Quality and Patient Safety Act.

Additional security measures have already been added to increase the safety of Emergency Department staff and patients and reassure them.

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