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Liberals To Select New Leader On Saturday

New Brunswick Liberals will select the party’s next leader this weekend.

A leadership convention is taking place in Fredericton on Saturday.

Four people have put their names forward for the party’s top job: Donald Arseneault, Robert Gauvin, TJ Harvey, and Susan Holt.

The party will choose its new leader through a ranked balloting system. In order to be elected, a candidate must receive 50%+1 of the points.

If no candidate achieves this in the first pass, the candidate with the lowest number of points will be eliminated.

Whichever candidate was listed as being the second choice on the ballots with the eliminated candidate as first preference will receive the eliminated candidate’s votes when ballots are counted for a second time.

Results will be announced in 15-minute intervals as needed until a leader is elected. We should start hearing the results at 2:15 p.m.

The winner will replace Kevin Vickers, who resigned after losing his seat in the 2020 provincial election. Roger Melanson has been serving as the interim leader ever since.

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