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SPCA investigates death of 3 horses in Kent County

The New Brunswick SPCA has confirmed it is investigating the death of three horses in Kent County.

The SPCA sent a statement to Radio-Canada confirming the investigation, but said it would not be available for interviews.

The cause of the deaths has not been made public.

This is the second time this year the New Brunswick SPCA has investigated the death of horses in the province. Last month, a woman from the Stanley area faced three criminal charges in connection with the discovery of 14 dead horses in April.

Deanna Phelan, president of the New Brunswick Equestrian Association, said it is not normal to see two cases of dead horses in the province in one year. 

Phelan said she doesn’t know what may have happened to cause the death of the horses in Notre-Dame. 

She said feed prices have become increasingly expensive. But she said it is up to the owner to care for their horses or to come forward if they no longer have the capacity to do so.

Phelan asks horse owners to reach out to organizations like the New Brunswick SPCA or the New Brunswick Equestrian Association before their animals are in danger.

She also urges people to control the size of their herd and to not take on more animals than they can manage. She said deaths like the ones recorded this year in the province are avoidable.

“It irritates me because it’s something that does not need to happen,” she said.

According to Radio-Canada, the RCMP assisted the New Brunswick SPCA in responding to the incident. CBC News contacted the RCMP and the New Brunswick SPCA but did not get a reply by the time of publication.

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