'There are lives on the line': Motorists urged to slow down in construction zones after flagger struck | RiseNB

‘There are lives on the line’: Motorists urged to slow down in construction zones after flagger struck

Police and safety advocates in Fredericton are warning drivers to pay more attention when approaching a construction zone after a flagperson was struck and seriously injured Tuesday morning.

The victim was a man in his late 20s and the driver was a man in his early 30s.

Fredericton Police Force Insp. Kim Quartermain said during an interview with CTV Atlantic on Wednesday that the victim is still in hospital, but in stable condition.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, but charges are expected.

“He will be a witness and a victim so we’ll get that information from him. It was a work-related injury so WorkSafeNB has been advised and they will be doing an investigation as well,” she said.

Quartermain couldn’t say if distracted driving was a factor, but is warning the public to take care around construction zones.

There have been too many close calls, she says.

“Last week, as a result of concerns of speeding in clearly-marked construction zones, we proactively put a team together, so for four hours they enforced speeding and other motor vehicle infractions,” she said.

“We did issue 10 prosecutions for speeding and we arrested one person for impaired driving and one person for suspended driving.”

The New Brunswick Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association works on a road safety education campaign every year, along with the province, New Brunswick Construction Safety Association and WorkSafe NB.

President Rick Miles is hoping the incident serves as a reminder to motorists to think twice as they approach a construction area.

“Our thoughts are with the flagger that was injured yesterday,” he said. “I just want to tell the public clearly that they should slow down and pay attention in construction zones. We’re into a busy season this year, it’s hot, I know the travelling public wants to get to where their destination is. But there are lives on the line, there’s a lot of busy activity behind the flaggers and they’re our frontline defense when it comes to safety.”

Fines are doubled in all Maritime provinces when it comes to speeding through a construction zone. They can range from $340 to more than $2,400, depending on the factors involved.

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