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Interrupter clause brings more affordable fuel to Nova Scotia

The interrupter clause, implemented by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, slashed gas prices by 10.2 cents a litre overnight in Nova Scotia, for a combined drop of nearly 20 cents in just two days.

Dan McTeague from Canadians for Affordable Energy said prices could fall even more.

“We’ve seen what they could be by Sunday,” said McTeague. “Gasoline prices could drop 23 cents per litre and that’s unprecedented.”

One traveler who drove to Nova Scotia from Ontario said she welcomes any price drop, even though gas is still expensive compared to some previous years.

“Well yes, because we do love to travel.”

It is even better news for cab drivers who will make more money each day.

“Thirty, forty bucks extra,” said Dawit Mahari.

Diesel in Nova Scotia dropped 7.9 cents a litre, which comes as a welcome boost for the trucking industry at a time when supply chain issues are crushing their bottom line.

“We are in a shortage of labour so that doesn’t help, and we are in a shortage of equipment,” said Jean-Marc Picard from the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association. “If you order a truck today, it could take up a year before you get it, and there are lots of parts that we’re waiting for as well.”

Currently, there is a gas price disparity in the Maritimes. Regular gasoline is selling for 181.9 per litre in P.E.I.

In New Brunswick, gas costs 185.5 and 197.4 per litre for diesel.

The manager of Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub in Halifax said more affordable gas could provide a short-term tourism advantage for Nova Scotia.

Affordable fuel and more people driving to downtown Halifax for summertime festivities has already resulted in bigger crowds and big business.

“There is a sense of more traffic down here,” said Eugene McCabe. “We have a lot of tourists who want to go to the downtown core and you can see the atmosphere build around it.”

McCabe said business is up 20 per cent from last year and he expects August to be even busier.

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