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Wastewater pump clogged with wipes and rags now fixed: Halifax Water

Halifax Water says emergency repairs to the Duffus Street wastewater pump station are now complete and the system has returned to normal operations.

The utility says the pump went into operation Wednesday evening and was monitored overnight into Thursday.

Wastewater and stormwater are now being pumped from the station to the Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility on Upper Water Street.

The utility adds that impacted customers can now resume regular discharges into their drains.

The fix comes after emergency repairs to the pump late Tuesday were quickly overwhelmed by mounds of sodden wipes and rags.

Municipal officials had warned people not to swim in Halifax Harbour earlier this week because the failed pump was causing screened, but untreated, wastewater to be released into the water.

Halifax Water now expects the harbour to return to its natural condition over the next two days. Until then, it’s cautioning people about swimming or coming in contact with the water.

The utility is also continuing to ask people to stop discarding so-called flushable wipes in their toilets. It says flushable wipes are not actually flushable and should be thrown in the garbage.

“These wipes do not break down and clog our wastewater treatment facility screens, filters, and pumping station pumps,” said Halifax Water in a statement. “This is costly to Halifax Water in both time and resources during this critical period.”

Halifax Water says flushing should be limited to the “3 Ps” – pee, poo and paper.

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